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Champion Partners is a privately-owned entrepreneurial commercial real estate investment and development firm with a focused opportunistic and value-creation strategy, primarily within the office, industrial and land sectors. Pairing its thorough knowledge of the real estate industry with a unique understanding of the overall capital markets, Champion continues to create significant value for the firm and its clients. Champion is owned and managed by Steve Modory and Jeff Swope, who originally founded Champion in 1991.

Since its inception, Champion has developed an excellent reputation in the commercial real estate industry for being able to implement successful investment strategies at the very beginning of a particular market cycle or trend.  The firm has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt investment strategies to monetize asset values and exit/sell as certain cycles and trends mature, while simultaneously shifting into new and emerging opportunities.

Based on current market conditions and looking forward the next several years, Champion believes that superior risk-return investment returns will continue to exist within the southwestern United States, with the major Texas markets leading the way. These markets in Texas and the Southwest are the most dynamic domestically with resilient business climates, vastly above-market job creation relative to other regions, and favorable overall demographics. As the national economic recovery slowly continues, commercial real estate pricing has likewise been gradually rising from cyclical lows, providing disciplined sponsors/operators such as Champion the opportunity to invest in high-quality real estate assets at a total cost basis below replacement value. As overall recovery continues, new development opportunities will also start to emerge in certain supply-constrained submarkets within Champion’s targeted investment region.

For equity investors that align with experienced, reputable and proven sponsor/operators such as Champion, current and projected market conditions should result in attractive risk-adjusted investment returns for commercial properties having an opportunistic or value-add profile.

JEFF SWOPE & STEVE MODORY | Managing Partners
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